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This Is Not An Empty Box: show reel (00:02:14)

Here is a collection of 3D animation projects I have worked on in my free time or at work.

Programs used: Lightwave 3D/3DStudioMax.
Music Credit: WILCO, Heavy Metal Drummer; YANKEE HOTEL FOXTROT


Claude Lelouch: Rendezvous in Paris (00:01:45)
"On an August morning in 1978, French filmmaker Claude Lelouch mounted a gyro-stabilized camera to a Ferrari 275..."

As a five year labor of love, and using Google earth,maps and vector artwork, I began building Paris in Lightwave 3D, and animating a '08 VW Rabbit along the route the driver took from the movie.

Programs used: Lightwave 3D.
Music Credit: THE RAMONES, I Just Wanna Have Something To Do; THE RAMONES MANIA

Piso Mojado: project NEPTUNE (00:04:20)

An independant project with musician and friend Kimble McCann (formerly of Marfa Lights). I was handed four minutes of music and told to "see if you can make a video for this." I proceeded to build a footage database with "aquired" footage and clips shot in Amsterdam, Paris, and Praque to set a visual tone that supports the "moody" track.