résumé work contact
animation packaging illustration paintings

Philips Norelco feautre benefit visual

My as role as Designer/Art Director also included developing dynamic key visuals to clearly communicate functionality of specific features to support the overall product proposition. Using 3D software, photoshop and my painting background to create visuals that are aspirational and clear to the consumer.

Pennington Bird Seed

I was approached by IQ Interactive, and asked to develop a series of 30 illustrations for an activity guide for Pennington Bird Seed. Each hand drawn illustration suggest outdoor activities consumers may participate in to enjoy the outdoors while communing with nature.

Cell magazine

In 2009, my brother's research paper nhl-2 Modulates MicroRNA Activity in Caenorhabditis elegans was featured in the science periodical Cell magazine. I was invited to do several cover illustrations based on the content of the paper. I was able to generate and submit three options with visuals ranging from a literal illustration of C. elgans organism, to more conceptual drawings that attempt to interpret the processes at the cellular level.

Portfolio Center posters

In addition to my teaching and design council functions at Portfolio Center, I also had the opportunity to create weekly posters for seminar speakers that visited the school. The broad range of disciplines and talking point subjects that each speaker brought to the school, allowed me to vary the style and look of each poster, creating a wide variety of small-run posters that advertised to students and the community the upcoming speakers.

Budweiser outdoor advertising

During my tenure at Antista-Fairclough, I had the opportunity to work on a broad scope of projects. The goal of Budweiser outdoor advertising was to create impactful outdoor advertising that is a continuous extension of the brand look and feel.

Odoul's outdoor advertising

With the launch of Odoul's Amber, I was tasked with creating an outdoor advertising campaign which communicated the new product offerings within the Odoul's family.

Bacardi 03 outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising billboard graphics for Bacardi O3. The goal was to create impactful a graphic execution that introduced the new malt beverage product launch, extending their advertising campaign to arenas and outdoor venues.

Philips Mobile

The main differentiator of the Philips mobile division within that category is the long battery life. As a digital visualization consultant in the Hong Kong office, I was asked to develop on-screen visuals which clearly communicate the extended batter life of Philips mobile phones. Providing several design options based on the current UI of the mobile device, this option was selected by the client and executed on pack designs.

Development Director

Created logo and identity suite for the launch or Development Director, a non-profit resource which provides it's customers with online tools, professional fund raising documents, and samples of successful non-profit campaigns.

501 Media Group

Developed Logo and identity suite for 501 Media Group.


SOLID COLORS created logo and storefront graphics for Los Angeles based clothing store.

311 Tour graphics

311 merchandising approached SOLID COLORS to develop graphics for their '05 summer tour of North America. With partner, Jeremie Blehm, we developed alternate designs based on the "Flame" theme, which was a key graphic used throughout their tour. Designs were used primarily for 3 color silk screen t-shirts.

Philips headphones

Working with the Sound accessory group in Hong Kong, I was asked to create a benefit visual that communicates the benefit of the Bass Boost feature in Philips high-end listening devices. Working across timezones with counterparts in Amsterdam and doing research on the physics of sound, I created several options that visually translate the audible to the visual.

Sonicare Gum Care

In conjunction with developing a packaging concepts for the Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush category, I was tasked with developing meaningful and clear communication of benefits for the entire line of products within their product offering.

Avent merchadising

Worked creative director and establish an organized merchandising scenario for expectant mothers. This plan-o-gram is segmented by the stages of child development, from pregnancy through toddlerhood. My role consisted of creating POS display graphics and rendering of an in-store shelf scenario.

Philips iPod accessories

Philips iPod accessories group requested me to create a Point-of-Sale display that would aid their sales group with selling in their FM transmitter products to European retailers. I worked with structural designers to develop the initial design concept, and all artwork for the POS. In addition, I created a 3D shelf set scenario for contextual reference.