Marfa Lights I and II

Originally recorded in the mid-2010's, Marfa Lights I and II was re-released in 2020 on the new Rainbow Galaxy label. 

Comprised of members from the bands AnimalWax and OST, Marfa Lights was a short-lived, instrumental post-punk outfit from Los Angeles which created 'synthy,' atmospheric sound experiments, punctuated by droning loops and heavy bass and guitar.

I developed sleeve and sticker artwork.

Marfa Lights I

Marfa Lights II

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The last days project

As a way to break the monotony of pandemic lock-downs and urge ourselves to use the music equipment we have amassed over the years, a few friends and I began the last days project on SoundCloud. The intent is to create and  release one single, song-lenth track by the last day of the month with accompanying artwork. 

Here are the ones I made, have a listen: 


Thinking about fusion

Beijing Rain

Code Word

Winter Cold


Is this the place

Flowers for my master

Monkey Blood

Lowkey Destiny Control

Real Wood Synth

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Digital Dust - Prince Presto

American hip-hop, funk, soul DJ also known as Prince Presto, a former co-owner of the More Dusty Than Digital record store in Little 5 Points, Atlanta, Georgia, and a member of the DJ collective El Camino Boys, Prince Presto, an American hip hop, funk, and soul DJ, approached SOLID COLORS to design the record sleeve and label for this 7" single, Digital Dust.

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