PerformanceBridge application suite

Context: PerformanceBridge is a web-based, real-time data platform that offers an integrated, scalable portfolio of innovative technology, analytics, and professional services to empower hospital departments to improve their performance. Its primary focus is on improving operational efficiency and reducing costs, while maintaining an emphasis on quality, performance, and value.

Challenge: With some existing legacy components and newly acquired product features, there was a need to bring consistency across all elements of the portfolio of applications to create a seamless transition and user flow from application to application.    

Solution: I was tasked with using the Philips Design Language System to bring consistency in style to components of the PerformanceBridge portfolio. A review of the existing functionality against the standard use case, as well as feedback from users of the applications, influenced any changes to the functionality.      

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Innova8tive Designs

Context: Innov8tive Designs is a distributor of high-quality electric power systems for the RC modeling public. They are the #1 source of electric power systems in North America.

Challenge: Rearchitecture of the current site, supported by experience journeys and user experience. 

Solution: Identified key user experience journey and mapped the current user flow against the current site. Created a site map with the new architecture to make the site easier to navigate, search and locate products and drive consumers through the purchase funnel in a more simplified, straightforward way.

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Norwalk Hospital patient portal

Student project focusing on prototyping user experiences which  incorporates persona building, establishing use cases and the use of Sketch, Balsamic and Axure prototyping tools.

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